A Villa fan from 4 years old with a background in finance and business.

Football has been a big part of my life. I discovered a few years ago that a number of fans (from all clubs) were misinterpreting financial matters and regulations. From that point on, I took it upon myself to help educate fans on these topics. I have made it an objective of mine to try my best to help break down these complex matters with the intention to improve both understanding and engagement, in an age where more and more aspects of these community institutions are being shrouded in secrecy by multi-billionaire investors. 


Do not get me wrong, in the case of Nassef Sawiris and Wes Eden's, these two owners saved AVFC at a time when we were facing one of the gravest situations in our illustrious history. As fans, we owe them for saving our club. However, history shows us that whilst some owners may genuinely be in the business of owning a historic football club for philanthropic reasons, sadly, the vast majority are not. Owners should be accountable to the stakeholders of football clubs and education in such matters greatly increases the informed demand for greater transparency.


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